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Duct Type

    K - 1
     K - 2
   K - 3

 Single or Multiple Arch
Rectangular or square
Duct Connector

Flexible Connectors are used in DUCT SYSTEMS to reduce Vibration Transmission and Shock, and Accommodate Thermal movements at minimum stress to the ductwork.

Since pressure requirements in ducts are very low as compared to piping systems, they are manufactured in lighter constructions more responsive to the reduced stiffness of sheet metal ducting. Design are always airtight to preclude particle intake of leakage.

These products come in many configurations as no standard design can meet the the varied shape service and connection requirements.  They can be round square, rectangular, round on one end and square on the other and even "T" and "L" shaped.


Concentric and eccentric reducers are common and all designs can be offset to compensate to compensate for older misaligned heavy ducting systems.

The common characteristics are flexibility and long life.  Motion requirements are met with single or multip0le arches and by varying the face-to-face length.


 Single or Multiple Arch Round Duct Connector

Sometime they are all rubber with no reinforcement, but the most common construction is a Natural Rubber of synthetic liner, plies of rubber cover. When pressure of vacuum conditions are ext5reme, wire or steel ring reinforcement is used as well.


Duct joints can be slip-ons retained By lightweight or heavy bandling.  Most them are flanged, and we work to your requirements.  We can supply the steel backup frames or individual pieces in carbon steel, any of the stainless steels aluminum or monel as required.  Carbon steel is normally painted, but can be dry galvanized, electro - plated or hot-dipped galvanized.

Polymers are Natural Rubber, SBR, EPDM, Neoprene, Butyl, Hypalon, Nitrile and Viton.  Reinforcement may be square woven fabric, but more commonly Nylon, Polyester or Kevlar tire cord. LINKERS
When temperatures are very high or the gases contain particle connectrations that tend to build up, carbon or stainless steel through the duct connector and enter the adjacent ducting system to minimize damage and increase the service life of the duct connector.




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