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C. M. EQUIPMENT & INSTRUMENTS (INDIA) PVT. LTD., was established in 1981 as a manufacturer of Laboratory Equipment and Scientific Instruments. The products are Climatic chambers, Thermal Shock Chambers, Cold & Hot cyclic chambers, Humidity chambers, Hot Air Ovens, Tray Dryers, Salt Spray (fog) Testing chambers, Incubators, De-humidifiers, Climatisers etc.

We have a direct marketing group with necessary resources, expertise, commensurate infrastructure coupled with a wide network of Marketing Executives along with the Service Personnel's all over India for the last one decade, to gain customer satisfaction.

The high technological level is assured by rigorous procedures of Quality Control in the design, fabrication, assembly, testing and system management make CMEI, the world-wide market leader of Scientific Instruments.

The Company accomplishes and effectuates the high Technological Standards. The Company has the necessary Technological Innovation, Know-how, Safety, Quality, Modularity, Flexibility which is achieved by our Research and Development team. Currently, the Company is undergoing ISO-9002 for Quality System.

R & D Achievements:

The Company started an R&D programme in 1991 to launch new products based on innovative technologies. The Company has broadened its design capacity with advanced products to take care of Quality System, Production, Testing facility requirements. With our Research & Development team, we are able to manufacture products of high technologies standards like,

Cyclic Chamber:

The Company designed, developed rapid time Cyclic Chamber to meet the testing facility as per QM-326 of DOT Specification. The rate of rise and fall of temperature is upto 6' C/min. We have developed this product by incorporating advanced technology on refrigeration by air-cooled condenser and frostfree evaporisation. The chamber temperature and cyclic process can be controlled by Microprocessor Controller.

Cold Chamber:

The Company designed, developed a Cold and Hot Chamber with temperature range from +200 C to -65 C. The temperature of -65 C is achieved within 45 minutes from ambient temperature with frostfree evaporisation.

Climatic Chamber:

The Company designed, developed a Climatic Chamber to meet the technological standards like IEC-68, MIL, DEF, DIN, IS-9000, JSS and DOT. The temperature range +100 C to -40 C with humidity range from 35% to 98% RH by incorporating single stage refrigeration system.

Salt Spray (fog) Testing Chamber:

The Company designed, developed a Salt Spray (fog) Testing Chamber for corrossion test as per ASTM/JSS/IEC-68/QM-333 technical standards. This chamber is an import substitute item, interior is a Fibre glass Re-inforced Plastic (FRP), indirect heating with non-corrossive automiser and saturator.

Climatiser [Dehumidifier with Cooling]:

The Company designed, developed a Climatiser (Window mounting type) which can maintain low temperature as well as low humidity with latest technology developments by dew point principle and refrigeration system. This Climatiser is developed to avoid using simultaneously AC and Dehumidifier. This Climatiser will maintain the temperature between 22 C to 25 C with low humidity of 30% to 40% RH in a given room.

Thermal Shock chamber:

The Company designed, developed a Thermal Shock chamber which can meet the test requirements as per IEC and MIL standards. The chamber basically consist of two chamber or three chambers with automatic shifting of its workspace from one to other. Each chamber will have two set points for justifying the standard test requirements. The thermal shock range is from -65 C to + 250 C.

The Company's objective is that of growing at the same rate as the market so as to maintain its position as leader in the sector. This is possible only when clients like Pharmaceuticals, Electrical, Electronics, Automobile, Chemical, Research Organization and Institutions patronages with repeated support.


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