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Gas Purification Plants
Gas Enrichment Packages like Methane enrichment
Solvent  Recovery Packages

  1. Removal of residual from dissociated ammonia gases / cracked gas.Removal of carbon dioxide from organic and inorganic gases prior to liquefaction.

  2. Removal of sulfur compounds such as mercaptans and hydrogen sulfide from natural gas prior to liquefation.

  3. Removal/recovery of volatile solvents and hydrocarbons from air and other industrial gases.

  4. Removal of volatile solvents and liquid hydrocarbons from water.

  5. To remove oxygen from crude gases (such as argon) as a step in pure argon gas production.

  6. To remove water from liquefied petroleum gases to prevent freeze-up during vapourization or to meet process requirements.

  7. To remove water and carbon dioxide from feed streams (such as propylene) to avoid catalyst poisoning and extend catalyst life.

  8. To remove sulfur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide carbonyl sulfide, carbon di-sulfide and mercaptans from liquid/gas streams to meet process requirements and / or environmental regulations.

  9. To remove hydrocarbons and/or solvents from water to meet environmental regulations. To remove / recover solvents from air and gases for reuse and / or to meet environmental regulations.

  10. To remove Mercury from gases.

  11. Selection adsorption of all trace contaminants from the feed stream in polyethylene, polypropylene, isomerization, alkylation and MTBE process.

  12. Gas compressor Packages.

  13. Compressed Natural Gas Packages.


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