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FILTER-ON's technology is based on the principle of two-stage electrostatic air-filtration. The particles of impurities in air stream are passed through the space between the electrodes in the ionization section, where they are subjected to high voltage and become positively charged.

Positively charged particles are then passed through the collection section. The particles are attracted towards the negatively charged plates and are collected on them. The clean and dust free air passes through the air-outlet.


FILTER-ON has distinct advantages over others :
Highest performance to cost ratio
Filter elements are metallic and washable, that eliminates the recurring cost of replacement over life-span
Ability to handle the smallest size of particle (Micron size 0.01-10)



FILTER-ON has been able to address a very diverse range of applications. Smoke of them are listed as below:

  • Ambient Intake air filteration
  • Oil mist filtertion
  • Welding, brazing, soldering and fumes filtration
  • Fine dust control and reclaim
  • Emission control
  • Resin, oil and tobacco smokes and chemical fumes


Room Air purification: Self-contained, portable, 
plug-in-type model with
blower and motor.

Industrial air Filter: Self contained portable model with blower and motor.  Ideal for 'at source' collection of oil fumes, welding, soldering and brazing fumes and dust particles.

Industrial air filter: Custom built model without blower. It has adaptable, ductable design to suit existing ventilation systems, centralized AC systems, humidification and dehumidification plants.


Air Pollution is an unwanted by-product of industrial growth.  Out side air is full of automobile exhaust, smoke and fine dirt. So also inside air has effect of said external polluted environment.  There is an addition of cigaratte smoke, dust, an infinite variety of micro-germs, bacteria, virus and many harmful fog/toxic vapours etc.  While working under such environmental  conditions, we are more likely suffer from eye irritation, skin diseases, drowsiness, nausea, dizziness and other discomfort. The fine dust/dirt is also very much harmful for the operation and performance  of the sophisticated, precision  equipments /instruments  and such other electronic gazettes. Accordingly, need of clean healthy air has changed its roll into a MUST category rather than just comfort.

FILTER-ON Works on hi-tech electro-static two stage precipitation principle.  All air born particulates, such as smoke, fine dust, mist, suspended sub-micron dirt, etc.  are electrically charged and are collected as it passes through electro-static fine filter cells are metallic, which can be washed and reused throughout the life of FILTER-ON unit.


  •   FILTER-ON  assures fresh, clean, healthy environment.

  •  The use of FILTER-ON reduces energy cost, as it collects smoke or dirt without need of exhausting costly cool air.

  •  Can be incorporated in OLD/NEW installations of air conditioning, air wash system or centralize clean air  pressurization ventilation system.

  • Very negligible pressure drop across fine filter cell (less than 3.00 mm WG) giving 95% efficiency down to 0.3 micron and above particulate matters.

  • Enhances the life of HEPA/ULPA Filters by three to four times.  On the other hand clean environment of class 10,000/1,00,000 can be achived without HEPA.

  • Life long, washable and reusable fine filter cells, no recurring expenditure throughout the life of unit.


  •  MICRO-electronics Process Labs; and Research Centres, Electronic Exchanges, Standards rooms and precision Assy. Rooms, Color Photo & Film processing labs, Color offset hi-speed printing, textile, Systhetic Yarn processing and many more.

  • Main Framme Computer Rooms, Micro-processors Control Cabin, Central Instrumentation  & Process Monitoring Room, Radar/Wireless/TV/Radio Transmission control/Remote Scaning, and Satelite Control Stations, Railway Signal Control Rooms etc.

  • Hospitals, Operation theators, Incentive Care Units, Blood & EYE Banks, Organ Transplant Recovery Room, Burn Cases Recovery Room, Micro-Biological & Virus Research Labs; Pharmaceutical Injectibles & Medicine Research Labd; Allergy Rooms and Pre-matured Baby care Rooms etc.

  • Hotels, Bars, Permit Rooms, Clubs, Conference Halls, Saloons, Beauty Parlours etc.

FILTER-ON also undertakes total turnkey projects in industrial ventilation, dust proofing and clean room facilities.

Some of the FILTER-ON's customers are listed below:
  • Bajaj Auto Ltd., Pune & Aurangabad
  • TELCO, Pune
  • Ashok Leyland, Chennai
  • PAL, Mumbai

Oil mist/fumes collection in CNC shops, weilding fumes extraction


  • L&T, TISCO
  • Bearing  : FAG Bearings NEI Bearing Co. Ltd.
  • Gears & Ancillaries : Shanti Gears, Laxmi Machine Works MICO
  • Compressors : Atlas Copco, Ingersol-Rand, Kirloskar Pneumatics
  • Cutting Tools : Sandvik Asia, WIDIA, Addison

Oil mist/fumes collection in CNC shops. Dust proofing of instrumentation & control rooms.


  • Coats Viyella Ltd., Madurai
  • GTN Textiles, Cochin
  • Arvind Mills, Ahmedabad

Black soot elimination in yarn spinning plant and compressor intake air filteration


Health Care
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi
  • Glaxo (I) Ltd., Mumbai
  • Maharshi Ayurved Products, NOIDA
  • Duncan Hospital, Calcutta

Dust and contamination control in critical areas (enhancing HEPA filter life 4-5 times)


Other sectors
  • Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad
  • I.S.R.O., Bangalore & Shriharikota
  • Bharat Electronics Ltd., Bangalore
  • B.H.E.L., Bhopal, Hyderabad & Trichy works

Dust proofing & dust control


FILTER-ON has continually endeavored to match international standards and find better ways of serving the customers. To correctly analyze the requirement of customers. FILTER-ON has developed a network of experts all over India. The feedback from the experts is used to upgrade and develop the products so that FILTER-ON can provide appropriate and cost effective solutions in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management.

The company is equipped with a test rig to measure filteration efficiency as per internationally accepted standards ASHRAE 52-76. Also clean room testing facilities, as per Federal Standards 209 D and E, are available with FILTER-ON for site testing.



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